The Little Bitcoin Book
The Little Bitcoin Book

The Little Bitcoin Book

Why Bitcoin Matters for Your Freedom, Finances, and Future

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin on the news or heard it being discussed by your friends or colleagues. How come the price keeps changing? Is Bitcoin a good investment? How does it even have value? Why do people keep talking about it like it’s going to change the world?

The Little Bitcoin Book tells the story of what’s wrong with money today, and why Bitcoin was invented to provide an alternative to the current system. It describes in simple terms what Bitcoin is, how it works, why it’s valuable, and how it affects individual freedom and opportunities of people everywhere — from Nigeria to the Philippines to Venezuela to the United States. This book also includes a Q & A section with some of the most frequently asked questions about Bitcoin.

If you want to learn more about this new form of money which continues to gain interest and adoption around the world, then this book is for you.


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Our first edition is out and is packed with information, illustrations, and eye-opening stories from all over the world.

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⌛COMING SOON: French, Hindi, German, Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish, Czech & Russian.


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About the Authors

The authors in Redwood City, California, 5th August 2019
The authors in Redwood City, California, 5th August 2019

Timi Ajiboye is a software developer and entrepreneur based in Lagos, Nigeria. He co-founded and currently runs BuyCoins (, an exchange that lets Africans easily buy and sell bitcoin with their local currency. Twitter: @timigod

Luis Buenaventura is a co-founder at BloomX (, a startup in the Philippines that's bringing safe cryptocurrency trading to the emerging world. A prolific speaker and author, he's also the creator of, an art initiative that's making crypto more accessible to the mainstream. Twitter: @helloluis

Alex Gladstein is the Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation (, a non-profit that promotes civil liberties and challenges authoritarianism around the world. He also lectures about Bitcoin and governance around the world for Singularity University, and has written about the intersection of technology and freedom in outlets like TIME, CNN, and Bitcoin Magazine. Twitter: @gladstein

Lily Liu is an investor and entrepreneur. Most recently she was co-founder and CFO of, a platform that allowed you to earn bitcoin in your free time, which was sold to Coinbase in 2018. Prior to that, she built a hospital in China, worked at KKR and McKinsey, and studied at Stanford and Harvard. Twitter: @calilyliu

Alexander Lloyd has been investing in early-stage startups since 1998 and in 2008 he founded Accelerator Ventures. His first job was at Goldman Sachs in currency trading. In 2016, he joined the board of the Human Rights Foundation, where he focuses on North Korea. Twitter: @alex01

Alejandro Machado is a founder of the Open Money Initiative (, a non-profit that researches how people use money in closed economies and collapsing monetary systems. He’s focused on improving access to digital money for Venezuelans. Twitter: @alegw

Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin developer, educator, and entrepreneur. He’s the author of Programming Bitcoin (, published by O’Reilly. He’s focused on bringing sound money to the world. Jimmy’s cowboy hat color is indicative of whether he plans to be nice or mean. His PGP fingerprint is C1D7 97BE 7D10 5291 228C D70C FAA6 17E3 2679 E455. Twitter: @jimmysong

Alena Vranova has developed successful financial service businesses since 2003. For the past 7 years she’s been helping individuals and small businesses protect their bitcoins with non-custodial products and services. In 2013 she introduced Trezor, the first bitcoin hardware wallet, and she currently heads strategy at Casa (, making personal bitcoin security and financial sovereignty accessible to everyone. Twitter: @AlenaSatoshi